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From: Neal Wallace {DNSAKL} <NealW@DATACOM.CO.NZ>
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 09:20:45 +1200
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Sender: Discussion of IBM NetView and POLYCENTER Manager on NetView et alia <NV-L@UCSBVM.UCSB.EDU>
If you register on the Tivoli website (www.tivoli.com), then you have
access to 14 Netview manuals, including the Release Notes for Windows NT
(very useful), Administration Guide (probably more technical than you
need - though again there is some very useful information to be gleened
from it), Diagnosis Guide (a lot of useful information, especially for
new users such as ourselves) and my personal favourite, the Installation
and Configuration Guide - it doesn't talk about the NT version at all,
but it does have a vast amount of useful information anyway. There is
also a Database Guide. I'm not sure how much use this will be as it
deals with DB2, Oracle, Sybase (SQL Server) and Informix, but not
specifically NT SQL Server or Jet (the default for the NT installation).
I believe one or more of these also has good information on the use of
clients, though in our situation we have not found them to be especially
useful other than to let the customer see what is happening on their
network (we manage the network for them).

The web kit that comes with Netview is a piece of cake to install (this
coming from someone who has never installed any web server software
before - I haven't actually used it much yet though so I'm not sure how
much use you will find it). It only supports Netscape 4.x, but some (not
all) people in my office have been able to access it with IE4.x. I was a
bit concerned with how much data could be displayed on-screen on a
800x600 resolution (as in Netview itself).

Neal Wallace
Network Consultant
Datacom Network Services

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>From:  Debbie Sparg [SMTP:dsparg@FGH.CO.ZA]
>Sent:  Tuesday, August 18, 1998 4:27 AM
>Hi everyone,
>Over the last couple of days I am sure you all have realised I am struggling
>to customise NetView NT to satisfy some basic requirements for my customer.
>My problem is I cannot find much in the way of documentation.
>NetView manuals I have are the User Guide, Programmers Guide and Programmers
>Reference. I also have the Release notes. Isn't there an
>installation/configuration guide ? or an administration guide ?
>I also have an old redbook (Dec 1996) SG24-4898 Examples of Using NetView for
>Windows NT but this refers to a old version 3.0 ? Is there an update ( I
>couldn't find one) planned for this book ? I need info regarding the SQL
>database, NT clients (for GUI) and the web browsers. Is there any other
>redbook which would be useful ?
>Debbie Sparg

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