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Re: NV Migration tool

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Subject: Re: NV Migration tool
From: Alan Menezes <a.menezes@CGER.BE>
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1998 09:30:56 PDT
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What about third-party applications ? What is this process' impact on them ? Do 
I have to reinstall them from scratch ?
The 3rd party apps Ive got are :Optivity, CiscoWorks, ForeView & Transcend 
Manager (all on AIX)

Thanks for the info


> Yes, there is a set of migration tool shipped with all, 4.1, 5.0 and 5.1.
> A very basic description of the process is:
> 1. Create a backup of the current NetView data, configuration, and
> integrate.
> 2. Deinstall current NetView version

> 3. Install new NetView version,  this process also migrates the save data
> forward to new NetView.
> That is a very basic description of the process, you need to read the
> Installation and Configuration guide, and the V5.1 Release Notes that come
> with CD.  Please, please read the Release Notes cover to cover a couple of
> times.
> Volkmar Binder <vbinder@ibm.net> on 10/01/98 07:21:38 PM
> Please respond to vbinder@ibm.net
> cc:    (bcc: Mark Sklenarik)
> Subject:  NV Migration tool
> Hi all,
> short question: is there an migration tool/script available to
> migrate from NV 4.1.2 => 5.0 or better from 5.0 => 5.1 or do we
> have to start from scratch with 5.1?
> Volkmar Binder
> IDE LAN Network Support
> IBM Boeblingen, Germany
> Office: vbinder@de.ibm.net

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