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Cataylst switch cpu measurements -Reply

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Subject: Cataylst switch cpu measurements -Reply
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 14:14:07 -0500
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   Unfortunately, we found out about CPU utilization the old fashion way, by 
displaying the processes running over & over again. I did look into the switch 
via mib browser and, on a switch with the RSM card you should be able to find 
"busyper, avgbusy1, avgbusy5" at . , 57 , 58 respectively. 
It maps out just like Cisco routers do.
Gil Irizarry

>>> Connie Logg <cal@SLAC.Stanford.EDU> 10/26/98 11:45am >>>
It sounds like you found a mib variable to measure cctalyst switch cpu
utilization.  I have been looking for one. I would appreciate it if you
would tell me which mib variable it is.  Is there one for each cpu?



>  This is all good info, however, I have opened PMR93117 with Tivoli on the
cat5500 with the RSM card. After I applied & accepted PTF U453385 on
AIX/Netview  V4.2.1,  netmon does core every time it discovers a switch.  As
a temporary solution, I had a cron running every 20 minutes re-starting
netmon, then we notice the CPU on the cat5500 was getting up to 98% every 20
minutes. CPU utilization for snmp within the switch gets up to 48% driving
the switch to 98% total CPU utilization.
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