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Re: MIBfiles per Microsoft NT4.0

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Subject: Re: MIBfiles per Microsoft NT4.0
From: Oren Mamok <orenm@PUBLIC.TADIRAN.COM>
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 19:28:35 +0000
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Hello Bob,
I have a great interest in NT mib files,
i couldn't see your examples...
if you can i would like you please  to send me those examples.
greetings, Oren.

bob_metzger/vfits/vf_corporation_at_vf_corporation@VFC.COM wrote:

> Sorry for the bad english. Message should have been.
> The SNMP service implements MIB-II ( and LAN Manager MIB 2
> ( on NT. Some of the micrsoft products have MIB modules and
> load the extension agent when the service is install such as WINS, DHCP, IIS.
> You can find these MIBs on the NT Reskit or the Win32 Software Developement 
> Kit.
> Also, its is possible to create your own extension agent for Windows NT that
> will allow you to querry Perfromance Counters (CPU, Memory, etc . ) using 
> This is documented on Microsoft's site. If anyone is intrested, I can pass on
> the steps to create the extension agent and MIBs for the Performance counters.
> Here are some of NT MIB's

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