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Re: Hypothetical Question

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Subject: Re: Hypothetical Question
From: Gast <gast@MUS.DE>
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 13:40:33 +0100
Organization: m+s Elektronik AG
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Sender: Discussion of IBM NetView and POLYCENTER Manager on NetView <NV-L@UCSBVM.UCSB.EDU>
Hi Chris,
there is no problem for NetView to start at a new "Managed Node", but
you get a problem if you want to configere it or to
update/install/deinstall it.
NetView dosn't need the Framework after installing to work right.

regards  Stefan
Chris Cowan wrote:
> Scenario:
> A multi machine AIX 4.3.1 HACMP cluster.
> Machine 1 - TMR 3.6 Server
> Machine 2 - TEC 3.6 Server
> Machine 3 - Netview 5.1
> Tivoli Filesystems (/usr/local/Tivoli, /var/spool/Tivoli).
> Endpoints presently in the default /opt/Tivoli
> All 3 machines have access to a shared disk cabinet  (Right now it's an
> IBM SSA, later it may be EMC).
> We are probably going to go with unique filesystems like:
> /machine1/usr/local/Tivoli
> /machine1/var/spool/Tivoli
> /machine2
> .
> .
> .
> /machine3/var/spool/Tivoli
> And then switch by making and breaking symlinks to /usr/local/Tivoli and
> /var/spool/Tivoli.
> The failover scenario is to move the either the TMR (with priority) or
> the TEC server over to the Netview machine.
> The sequence would be:
> - Detect the machine going down
> - Stop Netview (ovstop)
> - Stop Netview's oserv
> - Umount Netview's MN Filesystems
> - Assume the failed-over machine's IP address
> - Mount failed machine's MN Filesystems
> - Start oserv
> The billion dollar question is:
> Can Netview be brought up again with a "new" Managed Node running
> underneath of it???????
> Obviously, we would have to do the "reset_ci" procedure since the
> hostname/ip address of the Netview Manager will have changed.   How easy
> would it be to move the change the underlying MN configuration and keep
> the Administrative and NV Event Adapter stuff running.
> The following things come to my mind:
> - SNMP traps from agents would have to be retargeted (or all agents
> should be configured for multiple targets from the outset.
> - All three MN would have to have a Netview Server object installed on
> them.
> - The local snmpd and snmpd.conf may have to be messed with.
> - These three systems are also running Endpoints (for Event Adapter
> support).   Presently, they are configured for /opt/Tivoli.   I can
> reinstall them to run in /usr/local/Tivoli/lcf.   (Probably a good idea
> for several reasons).
> Also, are there an implications of reversing this procedure?
> Please don't tell me it's bad idea, not my call.    I may have to
> implement this regardless.
> Thanks
> Chris

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