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Re: Hypothetical Question

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Subject: Re: Hypothetical Question
From: "Ken Garst." <KGarst@GIANTOFMARYLAND.COM>
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 09:53:35 -0500
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Thanks for the kind words about the HACMP setup.

Of course you are absolutely correct about the two-host Netview setup
facilitating training and upkeep by operational personnel.  The HACMP
cluster admin is extremely technical and can only be done by a qualified

Incidentally, I have diagnosed the authen failure errors in Netview after a
failover from the primary to the secondary node.  The cause stems from the
Tivoli framework using the IP adapter label as the host ID and associating
this with a hardware MAC address.  In the HACMP setup, I am using IP
address takeover AND hardware address takeover, the latter requiring a
"fake" MAC address defined for the service IP address of the Netview host.
This "fake" MAC is associated with the service IP address by HACMP but
theTivoli framework doesn't recognize the change.

I have diagnosed two solutions.  The first is to put the host on its
service IP address and then install the framework.  The other is to bring
up the host with Tivoli  on its boot IP and then change the host within
Tivoli to the service IP address.

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