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NVWeb - Socket error opening maps

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Subject: NVWeb - Socket error opening maps
From: Leonard Bocock <leonard.bocock@NZ.UNISYS.COM>
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 11:47:41 +1200
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Two wee problems. NV5.1 on Solaris 2.6.

1) With maps on browsers.  The web server is up and running.  All browser
functions work except maps.  On both IE4 and Netscape browsers am getting an
error when trying to open the default map.  They clearly start to run the map
application, then fail with a java sourced error ,

 "can not create socket - check socket/Netview user interface"

The applet opens server sockets on 61068, 61069, 61070.  These are not used by
other processes.  Port 80 is clear, there are no other httpd daemons running on
the box.  We are not working through a proxy server, therefore socks related
stuff should be fine.

2) Demand polling is very slow - a-la 2 minutes plus to get one line of
response.  Again, NV seems to be running fine, there are no errors being
reported, but i know it should be faster.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks, Leonard Bocock

Any ideas?

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