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Unofficial IP addresses

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Subject: Unofficial IP addresses
From: Fältman, Mikael <mifal@WMDATA.COM>
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 19:10:12 +0100
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Until now we have had control over our customers WAN IP addressing but
now customer after customer is converting to unofficial IP addresses.
Since we have a centralized monitoring (NV 5.1 AIX) this is a great problem.
A customers network is typically between 10-50 routers and we monitor
about 1000 routers.

Using NAT:
Not good. Since we have to monitor every interface on each router using NAT 
will course Netview to find double interfaces on every router (the real and
the fake) and
the fake will ofcourse be red. This is just to hard to handle.

One Netview for each customer:
To many operator consoles and to much NV administration.
Also very expensive !

Can you get every customer topology into the main Netview ? (not, they might
have same IP addresses)

Is this possible to handle and to keep topology at all ?

Is this a possibility ?
Customer-A has 10.0.x.x addresses like Customer -B also have.
The two customers networks are separated ofcource and have one Netview MLM
The two NVs reports back to a central Netview. This won't work since the two
MLMs will
report the same IP addresses. Is it possible to tamper (via API) the IP
addresses within
one of the two MLMs sort of a internal MLM NAT function so that one MLM will
different IP addresses ?

I find this very hard to explain and I hope some of you understand my

Any suggestions ?

> ---
> Mikael Fältman (mifal@wmdata.com)
> Network Services
> WM-data Infrastruktur AB, BOX 164, S-295 22 BROMOLLA

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