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Re: passing parameters in rulesets

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Subject: Re: passing parameters in rulesets
From: erik nilsson <erik@NETMAN.SE>
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 22:49:10 +0100
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As I remember the $NVATTR_4 returns the event message, 'Interface Serial0
if you use netmon polling.
A simle way to extract the interface name via a small script is to call
it with this parameter ($NVATTR_4) like below :

# This script extract parameter $2 from from $NVATTR_4 (Interface 'name'
Down) # wich will return the 'name' of the interface
IFNAME=´echo $2´
other commands

If the scriptname is 'getifname',  you call it with 'getifname $NVATTR_4'
(for example as action in a ruleset)


At 16:28 1999-02-15 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi there,
>i want to run a shell-script, which i have to invoke with some parameters. I
>$NVATTR_2 is "host name to which trap applies" and $NVA is "agent address".
>But I need to pass the name of the interface the caused the trap!
>Example: Router (test) has an interface (testi1). When
>testi1 "breaks"
>down the router sends a trap: Origin "test", message: "Interface testi1
>down." I want
>to run a script which gets "testi1" as a parameter. How is this name as a
>variable or
>Thank you in advance.
>Best regards
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Erik Nilsson
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