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Re: CiscoWorks2000 and CW ver 4

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Subject: Re: CiscoWorks2000 and CW ver 4
From: "Whitehead, Neil" <whitern@RBOS.CO.UK>
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 12:21:37 -0000
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You too?!!!

I've been trying unsuccessfully to install CW2000 onto the same machine
as CW4.

So far I've uncovered two bugs, (there may well be more, coz I haven't
managed to complete the installation yet!!)

The first occurs during the initial installation phase of the 'Campus'
product...the install script asks for the IP address of a switch which
will be used as a seed device. There is obviously some checking carried
out on the reply that you make...and the install script refuses to
accept any reply that you make.
Cisco are aware of this one and do have a fix available for it.

The second bug sounds like the one you describe. I'm so glad you've
encountered the same problem, Cisco have kept saying I "must be doing
something wrong, and why do you want to CW4 & CW2000 on the same box
anyway no-one else in the world does that way" (ha ha ha!).

The problem seems to be with CiscoView rather than anything else...I get
a message during the install that says..

"Info: Now sorting MIBS by IMPORT clause..."  and then it just hangs

I'm shipping off a backup tape to the Cisco developers as we speak.

Please let me know how you get on .....

Neil Whitehead (x22808)
IT Services (Telecoms)
The Royal Bank of Scotland
Tel: 0131-523 2808
e-mail: whitern@rbos.co.uk

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> From: Alek Barsky [SMTP:abarsky@RCI.ROGERS.COM]
> Sent: Friday, February 12, 1999 7:20 PM
> To:   NV-L@UCSBVM.ucsb.edu
> Subject:      CiscoWorks2000 and CW ver 4
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> Does anyone out there is using CiscoWorks2000 ( RME and CWSI ) with
> NetView
> ver 5.1?
> And if yes, do you use CiscoWorks ver 4.0 on the same box?
> I would like to hear from someone who have successfully integrated all
> mentioned above applications.
> I have CW ver 4.0 on NetView 5.1.
> I managed to install CRM and it coexisted with NetView and CW ver 4.0
> Problems started when I installed CWSI, it is using NMSROOT variable
> and
> conflicts with CW ver 4.0
> Cisco does not confirm on the conflict between CW 4.0 and CWSI.
> Can anybody share their experience with me on loading
> CWSI, CRM and CW ver 4.0 on the same platform?
> Thanks
> Alek Barsky
> Network Management Analyst
> Rogers Shared Services
> Tel 905-513-5152
> abarsky@rci.rogers.com

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