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Re: Working with MLMs and aliases

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Subject: Re: Working with MLMs and aliases
From: Andrew Wall <drwall@TEKSYSTEMS.COM>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 08:06:46 -0400
Organization: TEKsystems
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Review the man page for netmon.
Use the -C <prefix> option for loading netmon.  The prefix will be used for
any collections created in the format <prefix><MLM hostname>.  Example, use
MLM_ as the prefix and you will get collection names like MLM_hostnameB,
MLM_hostnameC, etc.  Then from the command-line, netmon -a 50 will create
collections for your MLMs based on local subnet.  Once the collections are
made you can edit them like any other collection.  Add the additional
subnets to the collection or any other rule.  To check to see if the
collections are working, use netmon -a 102.  This will dump the managed
interfaces of the MLMs and the nodes they are monitoring to the netmon.trace

Another option is to use APM, but I had problems with it and support sent me
an e-fix.

Good luck,

Frederic Mottiat wrote:

> Hello,
> A customer has 3 sites, each of them has a Netview 5.1 server installed.
> We want to leave a Netview server in site A, and remove the Netview
> servers from site B and C, replacing them with MLM agents.
> Problem is : site B and C have each multiple subnets. As far as I
> know, a MLM will execute a status and discovery polling for systems
> that are in his own subnet per default (and if, of course, netmon has
> been configured to delegate this polling activity). It is possible to
> add additionnal systems to be polled by our MLM using the Status
> Monitoring table, but this is limited to a list of specific nodes
> or aliases that one has to enter manually.
> What we would like to achieve is that each MLM in each remote site
> would poll all the subnets of these remote sites. With the actual
> features and as we understand them, this mean that we should create
> an alias containing all the systems, from all the remote subnets,
> that we want the MLM to poll. This is completely unachievable.
> If we look at the object collection editor in Netview, we see that we
> can create collections based on subnet definitions. Ideally, we would
> like to create such a collection for the remote subnets, convert this
> collection to an alias and distribute the alias definition to the remote
> MLMs. Is this possible ? Is it possible to maintain a relation between
> a collection definition and an alias definition.
> I agree that putting simply a MLM in each subnet would be far easier,
> but for different reasons to long to explain here this is the last
> possiblity we will look for.
> Any help or comments highly appreciated
> Frederic Mottiat
> Frederic Mottiat - IBM Global Services (PSS-SMNS)
> Tivoli Implementation & Services
> Email : frederic_mottiat@be.ibm.com
> Tel :  02/225 34 08        Gsm : +32 (0)75 388 773

Drew Wall
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