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Re: cisco and bay devices

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Subject: Re: cisco and bay devices
From: David Easter <deaster@NORTELNETWORKS.COM>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 11:49:27 -0400
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Hi Peter,

  MIBs for Bay Networks devices can be found on
http://support.baynetworks.com if you have a support contract.  They also
come with Optivity NMS.

  I don't really understand the question about bitmaps of "Optivity".
Optivity is the brand name for a line of network management products - most
commonly referring to Optivity NMS.  With Optivity NMS comes the icons for
most of the Bay Networks devices.  When you install Optivity NMS, these
icons are automatically placed in the correct directories for NetView.
With the "Update Symbols" function provided by Optivity NMS, icons in
NetView can then be updated to correctly show Bay Networks devices.

Hope that answers the question...

-David J. Easter
Sr. Product Manager - Optivity NMS, Network & IP Services Management Division
Bay Networks/Nortel Networks - How the world shares ideas.


At 08:28 AM 4/16/99 +0100, Peter Hadamovsky wrote:
>Hello NetView users,
>I just finished a NetView server installation on a Solaris machine. In
>the network are approx. 40 cisco routers and the same number of bay
>Which MIB's do I need for the cisco and bay devices?
>If run a snmpwalk on a cisco 7500 router it shows the following
>.iso.org.internet.private.enterprise.cisco.products.45 <<----
>so I think, there is something missing in one of the oid_to_x files?
>The cisco routers are recognized as gateways, but the bay routers are
>not recognized. I changed the /usr/OV/conf/C/oid_to_sym file - but the
>bay hubs are still not recognized!
>Another question is, that the customer would like to have the bitmaps of
>cisco works and optivity - no problem to get the bitmaps, but what to do
>do integrate them into NetView, so that they will be used?
>Is it a big thing to integrate it?
>Thanks a lot in advance!
>Best regards
>    Peter
> mailto:Peter.Hadamovsky@debis.com

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