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Re: New Objects appearing on the Map...

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Subject: Re: New Objects appearing on the Map...
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Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1999 18:56:06 -0400
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More informations about automatic layout in Dynatext books:
TME10 NetView Administrator's Guide
   Chapter 4. Customizing the Graphical Interface
      Arranging Symbols
         Setting Automatic Layout


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Rob Rinear wrote:
> I'm not familiar with version 4, but with v5, I've never seen this problem.
> Any new Routers and IP subnets will remain on the IP Internet Map as they
> are supposed to, but all other objects will be placed on the proper submap.
> If you are expecting that Netview will also place routers and IP subnets
> into locations you've created, it will not do that - you have to cut & paste
> them  where you want them.  (Basically, the IP Internet IS the proper submap
> for routers and subnets in Netview's "mind").
> Automatic layout should have nothing to do with this.  Netview should always
> place the object on the proper submap regardless of the automatic layout
> settings.
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> Subject: New Objects appearing on the Map...
> Hello All.
> In Netview V4.1, when a new object is added to the seedfile, the object
> appears on the IP Internet Map (topmost layer of the IP Internet map). It
> will not automatically be placed into it's correct submap, Instead I have to
> dig down submap by submap and move it there manually.
> Does Netview V5.1 solve this and what is the exact relationship between
> automatic layout being turned off (so I can customize the map) and new
> objects not being placed in their correct submap? I have found no
> difference, has anyone else??
> Any info appreciated.
> Gord.
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