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Re: "nvsniffer" updating GUI symbol colors

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Subject: Re: "nvsniffer" updating GUI symbol colors
From: Leslie Clark <lclark@US.IBM.COM>
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1999 22:22:12 -0400
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On Unix,  there IS NO status run. Only the discovery run (don't you hate it when
they do the
NT implementation first?) It's function of Unix should be considered soley as a
of identifiying types of nodes. A preview of function, if you like. You are
hoping that two
discovery runs will  serve the same purpose.  Sounds like that's not the case.


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

You did run nvsniffer with the status option and not the discovery option ?
It is my understanding that the status options should update the symbol
created in the node interface view.

Thanks Mark Sklenarik
Tivoli NetView Product Integrity

"Prokott, Joe" <Joe.Prokott@WESTGROUP.COM> on 06/07/99 03:30:25 PM

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cc:    (bcc: Mark Sklenarik/Tivoli Systems)
Subject:  "nvsniffer" updating GUI symbol colors

Should the NV for UNIX "nvsniffer" function update the node symbol color in
the NV maps under the respective NV collection?

For example, say I discovered a system running DNS (port 53) using
nvsniffer.  I then shutdown DNS on the system and then run the "nvsniffer"
binary again on the same node while DNS is down on the system.  Shouldn't
the symbol color in the NV map for the node in question under the specific
DNS collection symbol turn to "red"?

This is how I would like it to work, but perhaps this is nothing more than
wish, rather than reality to how it was designed?

If it does not work this way, is there any particular reason(s) why?

Joe Prokott - West Group
Network Architect
610 Opperman Drive
St. Paul, MN  55123
Phone: 651-687-4536
Fax: 651-687-6946
E-mail: joe.prokott@westgroup.com

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