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Re: delete Collections

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Subject: Re: delete Collections
From: James Shanks <James_Shanks@TIVOLI.COM>
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 1999 15:50:29 -0400
The collections on the map are maintained by collmap, which is started
automatically when you start the GUI.  If you delete the collection symbol from
the root map and collmap is running, he will put it back again.  So you could do
this by editting /usr/OV/registration/C/collmap and remove the "-Initial" flag
out of the start_collmap action.   This will keep it from being started
automatically.  When you want to start it (without it collections on the map
will not be updated) you can use the Administer-->Start Applications-->collmap
from the GUI to do it.   As long as collmap is not running you could delete the
collections object from the "other" map.  But be careful.  If you ever open that
map with collmap running, it will get put back.  And remember you must start it
manually  if you want collections updated on the first map.

Personally, I wouldn't do it.   Sooner or later you'll forget to start it and
your collections won't be updated when you need them to be.

And you do know that NetView Version 4.1 has been out of support since November
30, 1998, I trust.

James Shanks
Tivoli (NetView for UNIX) L3 Support

Jose Rodriguez <jose_rodriguez@IECI.ES> on 09/09/99 02:03:00 PM

Please respond to Discussion of IBM NetView and POLYCENTER Manager on NetView

cc:    (bcc: James Shanks/Tivoli Systems)
Subject:  delete Collections

I have NetView v4.1 on AIX 4.1.5 and I have recientIy created two maps. Now I
need to know if do you think that there is any way to delete the Collections
only from one map or, which process is generated when the user double-cliks on
the symbol Collections.
Thanks in advance,

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