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Re: Collecting and thresholding non-numeric data with the DataCollector

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Subject: Re: Collecting and thresholding non-numeric data with the DataCollector
From: Chris Cowan <chris.cowan@2ND-WAVE.COM>
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 07:45:26 -0500
Leslie Clark wrote:
> Your observation is correct. The simple explanation is that snmpcollect 
> predates
> MLM (it was there when we got it) and is designed primarily for monitoring
> traffic.
> The MLM  is from Systems Monitor/6000, IBM's tool to extend the use of SNMP
> from network management to systems management, so it has lots more bells
> and whistles.

Know all about it.   I implemented this solution for over 200 RS/6Ks
while working at IBM Austin 3 years ago.  Not only that, I even used the
short lived SVA, as well.    (It got killed right when Blue bought

> Have you looked at the SIA for Solaris?  That would be the matching agent
> extention intended for use with the MLM for your QnD systems monitoring.
> It can be found at www.tivoli.com/support/SIA.
> Cordially,

The whole point of this exercise was to not install any additional
agents on these machines.   The customer already has DM and BMC
Patrol.   These systems are really tight on disk space and there's
hundreds of them. They just happen to be running the Solstice agent,
which is part of the default Solaris config.  This was a
tactical solution.   Eventually, these machines will be replaced.

I was just disappointed that the Data Collector on the Manager hasn't
been enhanced in any noticable way since V3 and more importantly, that
the NT product doesn't have anything new in this area either.
The problem is that the MLM threshold table has no visibility to the
collections on the manager!   So configuring this check requires
kludging up some scripts to generate the lists and then configuring the
MLM tables.

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