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Réf. : NetView installation - no NetViewServer icon

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Subject: Réf. : NetView installation - no NetViewServer icon
From: Robert Brochu <rbrochu@SSSS.GOUV.QC.CA>
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 09:31:21 -0400
You must run this script to make the icon
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Jane Curry <jane.curry@SKILLS-1ST.CO.UK> on 99/09/14 16:17:04

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cc :   (ccc : Robert Brochu/Sogique/SSSS)
Objet :   NetView installation - no NetViewServer icon

AIX 4.2.1, Framework 3.6, NetView 5.1 (no 5.1.1 patch).  I have a class
where 5 machines have installed NetView OK but one doesn't get the
NetView Server icon on their desktop.  NetView runs fine is you start
him from the command line.

This isn't the known problem whereby the NetViewServer object is created
but not linked to the Desktop.  wlookup -ar NetViewServer shows NO
instances so I've nothing to link in.  We've tried a reinstall which
sees all the code is installed and says it does the object registration
again, but still no NetViewServer instances.  No error messages in
/tmp/tivoli.cinstall or any of the other /tmp/NVS.... files.

Anyone know a workaround to this??
Thanks, Jane

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