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Re: rules

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Subject: Re: rules
From: Dimitri Setti <Dimitri.Setti@FCCRT.IT>
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 14:50:26 +0100
you  must set "block" on Event Stream, otherwise all traps are forwarded.
this is the rule



Fabio Zuffranieri <75841662@IT.IBM.COM> on 16/09/99 13.30.10

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cc:    (bcc: Dimitri Setti/fc0105/fccrt)

Subject:  rules

I don't understand why creating a rule with the event stream set on pass and
then an event attribute and a forward, any kind of event are forwarded. Why the
event stream has to be set on block?

Fabio Zuffranieri
IBM Global Services-PSS Tivoli Service Unit
Via Sciangai 53-Rome 00144-ITALY

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