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Re: graph MLM collected MIB-data

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Subject: Re: graph MLM collected MIB-data
From: Dietmar Gaulhofer <dietmar_gaulhofer@AT.IBM.COM>
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 14:21:13 +0200
try it with:


Kr, Dietmar

Leslie Clark <lclark@US.IBM.COM> on 20.09.99 13:27:20

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cc:    (bcc: Dietmar Gaulhofer/Austria/IBM)
Subject:  Re: graph MLM collected MIB-data

There is a command to convert the MLM data to the format used by
snmpCollect. It is something like smconvert.


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

Dear all!
Does anybody know if there is a possibilty to graph MIB data which was
collected with MLM?
Maybe the NetView Managementstation can do this, but it stores it's MIB data
in a different (only machine readable code) and not in ASCII format.
Is there a possibilty to convert the ASCII format data collected from MLM to
the machine-code that NetView uses to graph the data?
If there is a possibilty, please let me know.
Thanx in advance for your help:-)

mit freundlichen Gruessen/ with best regards

 Jens Mueller
 (Dipl.Informatiker FH)

  FRA AK/E-EN - Engineering Netze
  Lufthansa Systems GmbH
  Im Taubengrund 6
   D-65451 Kelsterbach
  phone: +49 69 696 90622
  fax: +49 69 696 96790
  mail to: jens.mueller@lhsystems.com

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