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Re: 40 users !!!

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Subject: Re: 40 users !!!
From: Somebody <someone@SOMEWHERE.COM>
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 12:07:38 -0500

Netview 4.1 used to have a supposed limit of 12 users (although I tested
fourteen in a lab once).

I have no idea if there are any hard limits for version 5.X, but I can
tell you this for certain.  If you truly intend to have that many users,
you are going to need a very powerful machine.  VERY powerful.

An idea that I have but have not had a chance to test would be to have
multiple clients installed, and then have multiple users X window into
each of the clients.  

I don't know that the impact of this will be on the server.  With 40
users, there will be a huge amount of intereaction with the map

You may want to consider alternative means of having other clients
interact with the NetView database.  There is a software company called
Managed Object Solutions that makes a web based package called Formula. 
An early beta I saw of this package allowed it to interface with the
NetView database via its own API into the server, and display a version
of the NetView map that looks very much like the NetView version. 
Certainly alot closer than the NetView web browser can.  You may be able
to use Formula to provide all but your most critical users a view of the
network.  Formula can also connect to a number of other management
packages and display that information as well.  We currently use it to
display our MAX/Enterprise monitoring system events.

Anyway, good luck!  

Art DeBuigny
Bank of America Network Operations

> Hi
> Is there a maximum number of NetView GUIs that can be opened on one NetView
> 5.1.1 for AIX server ? or a maximum number of NetView-Users ?
> I'll be having around 40 users. Is it better to install NetView clients with
> NFS mounted databases or to use X-emulation ?
> Any info will be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Alain
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