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Re: snmpcollect not collecting

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Subject: Re: snmpcollect not collecting
From: Leslie Clark <lclark@US.IBM.COM>
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 09:33:41 -0500
Larry, just in case you are still having trouble with this, and your box is
multiprocessor, and you missed this information.  Then there is also the
information that the function to graph collected data only shows data since
the last start of snmpcollect. For longer-term reporting of data we have
told, at least in the past, that we should access the data outside of
possibly through the Tivoli Decision Support product using the Netview
Decision Support Guides. Netview for Unix does this differently, and you
can graph all collected data forever if you want.


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking
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Mark Sklenarik <Mark_Sklenarik@TIVOLI.COM> on 12/04/98 12:42:12 PM

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cc:    (bcc: Leslie Clark/Southfield/IBM)
Subject:  NetView Info Flash - NetView NT and MultiProcessors

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William Mason
12/04/98 10:27 AM

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Subject:  NetView Info Flash - NetView NT and MultiProcessors


               NetView Info Flash

*******   Abstract:

Tivoli NetView support for NT on Multi-processor.  Microsoft Access ODBC
drivers have previously prevented us supporting NetView on Multi-processors
when using the default Jet Engine Database.

Solution: Microsoft released a package called Microsoft Data Access

*******   Value to Sales Force and the Customer:

This Info Flash is good news for those who've had to deal with customer
ODBC problems with NetView for NT.  These new drivers are packaged by
so they should fix inconsistent existing ODBC environments, and they fix
the problems running Tivoli NetView V5.1 for NT on a Multiprocessor.

*******   Brief:

Customers can get the free kit (Intel and Alpha) directly from Microsoft at
http://www.microsoft.com/data.  Download the file mdac_typ.exe from the
ODBC page.

It also contains the new SQL Server ODBC driver, but beware, you need to
run a script to update SQL Server's Stored Procedures before NetView can
run.  This is explained below.  There is no reason that I can think of to
recommend this to SQL Server customers at this point.

Updating ODBC Components
The NetView installation by default installs ODBC v3.0 unless a later
version is detected.  Under the following circumstances you need to
install a later version:

     -    Using Access (Jet Engine) database on a Multi-processor
     -    Frequent ODBC errors in the NetView log file indicating a
       mismatch with ODBC dlls
     -    Long term heavy use of trapd and snmpcollect using Access (Jet

Install the later version of the ODBC Components
     1. Stop all applications using ODBC database access, including the
          NetView Service and applications
     2. Run the self-extracting file mdac_typ.exe
     3. Select the Complete Installation option
     4. Remote access to Data Sources is not required for NetView
     5. Reboot, and restart NetView.

          Important note if you are using SQL Server
     6.   The new SQL Server driver is compatable with SQL Server V6.5, but
     you must update the system stored procedures before running SQL Server
     applications including NetView.  Read the document
     and follow the instructions.

*******   Summary:

Many customers using Tivoli NetView on a computer with multiple
processors need to be aware that the problems they are having
are not a defect within the NetView product, but rather with
the Microsoft database Jet Engine that NetView uses as a default.
This simple fix detailed above should get customers operating without
any problems.  Please contact all your customers who use Tivoli
NetView on Microsoft NT and make them aware of this problem.

*******   Other Info: URL's or links to other related info.

*******   Associative Web Pages: URL's or links to related Web Sites.

Will Mason
NetView Product Evangelist



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Joe Fernandez <jfernand@KARDINIA.COM>@UCSBVM.UCSB.EDU> on 02/13/2000
08:41:59 PM

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Subject:  Re: snmpcollect not collecting

At 10:09 AM 10-02-00 -0600, you wrote:
>I'm using Netview for NT 5.1.2.
>I'm able to use the Mib Browser/Graph to verify data, but
>my snmpcollect isn't collecting data.

If you select an object in the MIB Browser and click on graph, it will poll
and graph it independent of the data collection - so this shows the agent
is responding but does not verify that collection is occurring.

> any ideas what to check?

Select the task Collect MIB Data. The Collections window will open. Select
one of the data collections you have set up and click on Properties. The
Collection Properties window opens. Does it show this MIB variable is being
stored? If not, you need to select Polling Properties and enable Store MIB

>snmpcollect daemon shows ok.

>I'm not using SQL, could that be my problem?

Sorry, I don't understand this. Could you please explain this in more
detail? If this is a typo and you mean you are not using SQL Server, that
should not matter.

Joe Fernandez
Kardinia Software


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