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IWAN2000 deadline extension

To: nv-l@lists.tivoli.com
Subject: IWAN2000 deadline extension
From: Junji Fukuzawa <j-fukuza@sdl.hitachi.co.jp>
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 10:17:18 +0900
Dear Sir or Madam:

Due to a number of requests from who intend to submit a paper to
IWAN2000, the deadline of IWAN2000 paper submission is extended from
14 April to 2 May.

Authors are requested to submit their manuscripts electronically as a
Microsoft Word document, PDF, or in Postscript format to the following
address till 2 May:


Best Regards,
K. Yoshida & J. Fukuzawa as Operations Committee:
                     CALL FOR PAPERS

                        IWAN 2000
The Second International Working Conference on Active Networks


                  October 16-18, 2000

        Musashino Research and Development Center, NTT
                  Musashino-shi, Tokyo, Japan

               Sponsored by  IFIP WG 6.7
        In cooperation with  IPSJ, IEICE
Technically Co-sponsored by  IEEE Communications Society
               Supported by  NTT, Hitachi, GMD-FOKUS


Incorporating computational capabilities into the network is
expected to ease the provision of value-added services and to
accelerate network infrastructure innovation. Active Network
technologies arise in this context as the solutions for offering
a flexible, dynamically customizable and programmable network
infrastructure. Network services are expected to be dynamically
customized for particular types of applications, users or
individual packets. 
As the first International Working Conference on Active Network
held in Berlin, IWAN'99 was aimed at providing the opportunity
for discussions on various views, frameworks, applications, and
implementations of the Active Network technologies. IWAN2000
follows this line, and also offers the opportunity for evaluating
this emerging technology. Reporting experience and results from
projects and trials are seen as a major goal of IWAN2000.
The scope of IWAN2000 shall include but not be limited to:

 * Architectures and New Concepts for Active Networks 
 * Architectures for active (IP) nodes 
 * Platforms for the implementation of open active networking
   and computing architectures 
 * Experiences and evaluation of the concepts and implementation 
 * Programmable network elements and Active Networks 
 * Open Management of Active Networks and generic control and
   management APIs 
 * Security in Active Networks 
 * Service creation, deployment, and management across broadband
   fixed and mobile Active Networks 
 * Implementation of Active Network Infrastructures 
 * Applications for Active Network Environments 
 * Standardization on Active Networks 


Submissions should describe original work (not submitted or
published elsewhere) and be 20 double-spaced pages (5,000 words)
or less in length. Submissions should include: title, authors,
affiliations, 150 word abstract, and list of keywords. Identify
the author responsible for correspondence, including the author's
name, position, mailing address, telephone and fax numbers, and
e-mail address. One of the authors of each accepted paper must
present the paper at IWAN2000. The proceedings of the conference
will be published by Springer-Verlag Heidelberg in the Lecture
Notes in Computer Science Series. 


Authors are requested to submit their manuscripts electronically
as a Microsoft Word document, PDF, or in Postscript format to the
following address:


For more information please visit the web site at 
or send your notification of interest to: 
or FAX: +81-44-959-0857


April 14, 2000  Tutorials, panel proposals due
May    2, 2000  Papers due
June  30, 2000  Authors notified of acceptance
July  31, 2000  Final papers and panelists' position papers due


M. Kataoka, Hitachi, Ltd, Japan

R. Popescu-Zeletin, Technical University Berlin, Germany


A. Casaca, INESC, Portugal
H. Forster, European Commission, Belgium
O. Martikainen, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
H. Miyahara, Osaka University, Japan
E. Raubold, Deutsche Telekom, Germany
O. Spaniol, RWTH, Germany
D. Tennenhouse, MIT, USA


H. Yasuda, The University of Tokyo, Japan 


J. Smith, University of Pennsylvania, USA
E. Moeller, GMD-FOKUS, Germany
T. Saito, NTT, Japan


T. Aoyama, The University of Tokyo, Japan
M. Behrens, Siemens, Germany
M. Campolargo, European Commission, Belgium 
G. Carle, GMD-FOKUS, Germany 
S. Covaci, PopNet Agentscape AG, Germany
A. de Baas, European Commission, Belgium
P. Dini, AT&T, USA
A. Galis, University College London, UK
A. Gavras, EURESCOM, Germany
M. Gien, Sun Microsystems, France
M. Krampell, EURESCOM, Germany
A. Lazar, Columbia University, USA
G. Le Lann, INRIA, France
T. Magedanz, IKV++, Germany
W. Marcus, Bellcore, USA
I. Marshall, British Telecom, UK
G. Minden, The University of Kansas, USA
M. Murata, Osaka University, Japan
T. Ohta, SOKA University, Japan
M. Ono, IPA, Japan
B. Plattner, ETH-Zurich, Switzerland
F. Schulz, T-Nova Deutsche Telekom, Germany
Y. Shinoda, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
R. Soley, OMG, USA
T. Suda, University of California, Irvine, USA
L. Svobodova, IBM, Switzerland
O. Takada, Hitachi, Ltd, Japan
A. Tantawy, IBM, USA
C. Tschudin, Uppsala University, Sweden
H. van As, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Y. Wakahara, The University of Tokyo, Japan
S. Weinstein, NEC, USA
A. Wolisz, Technical University Berlin, Germany


J. Fukuzawa, Hitachi, Ltd, Japan
H. Horiuchi, KDD R&D Laboratories Inc, Japan
A. Kanai, NTT, Japan
K. Yoshida, Hitachi,Ltd, Japan

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