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Re: One Router, Multiple Interfaces Displaying Multiple Router Icons.

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Subject: Re: One Router, Multiple Interfaces Displaying Multiple Router Icons.
From: zdror@il.ibm.com
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 09:06:45 +0300

It is a bug in the Bay software which does not update its mib table
correctly and thus confuses NV60000.
You need to open a call with your bay support and ask for higher level of
software .
Do it and you will see that netview is working correctly .
What happen is that netview is checking fisrt what is the interface type if
it is not valid type (iftype=0) netview ignore this interface ....
the software level of bay will take care of this problem.

Dror Katzman
Software Ce IBM Israel
2 Witzman St TelAviv
Office 972 3 6978251
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fax      972 3 6978539

"Ken Karasek" <KGKARASE@hewitt.com> on 19/06/2000 23:38:10

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Subject:  [NV-L] One Router, Multiple Interfaces Displaying Multiple Router

Hello all,

I am running NV v5.1.2 with AIX 4.2.1. I have noticed for some time that NV
displaying our Bay routers on the maps with multiple router icons. There is
one router per office with at least three interfaces. One LAN, one WAN, one
backup (AD). I am using a seed file that has the IP address of the LAN
listed since it's more likely a WAN interface will go down vs. a LAN
and I didn't want the entire router to turn red for a WAN link going down.
are also DNS names for each router, but only assigned to the WAN interface
address. Not that it matters, but the DNS does not reside on the same
machine as

Why is/would NV display multiple router icons for the same single router? I
deleted/rediscovered and ran the database cleanups. This is quite
confusing/frustrating for our Command Center folks when it come to
problems with a router. Is there a configuration change(s) that I can make
correct the discovery/display?


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