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CFP: Special Issue of JNSM on IP Operations and Management

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Subject: CFP: Special Issue of JNSM on IP Operations and Management
From: Morris Sloman <m.sloman@doc.ic.ac.uk>
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 11:53:21 +0100
Special Issue on IP Operations and Management

IP-based networking is growing at a  phenomenal  rate.  While  IP
networks are currently carrying mostly best-effort traffic, there
are activities under way to  support  quality  of  service  (QoS)
which will turn the global Internet into a ubiquitous all-service
network. Providing services of guaranteed quality though requires
careful planning, operations and management. For example, service
level agreements will have to be mapped  to  appropriate  traffic
management  mechanisms  and  QoS  policy  parameters  at  various
levels.  Planning  and  provisioning  will  need  to  take  place
together   with   dynamic  control  and  reconfiguration  through
feedback from monitoring mechanisms.   With  the  convergence  of
data  networks with the PSTN and CATV networks, management issues
related to this integration will have to  be  dealt  with.   With
more   sophisticated  services  being  provided,  accounting  and
billing based on  state-of-the-art  usage  metering  will  become
necessary.  Managing  the  security  of  IP  networks  and of the
operations and management framework itself poses  an  interesting
challenge.  Novel  management  information  modeling, storage and
access  using  the  directory,  XML,  etc.,  present  interesting
research  and  systems engineering challenges. This special issue
is intended to present  related  management  problems  and  their
solutions. The focus will be on the following topics:

* IP Traffic Modeling and Management
* Intra and inter-domain Bandwidth Brokerage
* Policy-driven IP Networks
* Management of Dynamic Service Level Agreements
* Dynamic Network Control for Guaranteed QoS
* QoS Routing Management
* Directory, Web and XML-based IP Management
* Management of Voice Over IP
* Management of Mobile IP
* Management of IP Over ATM and IP Switching
* Management of IP Over SONET/SDH, WDM and CATV
* Deployment Issues for New IP Services
* Charging and Accounting for IP Services
* IP Security Management

Instructions to Contributors:
We invite prospective authors to submit high quality  papers  via
email  to one of the guest editors, depending on their geographic
zone. Only electronic submissions are acceptable. Please  prepare
the  manuscripts  according  to  the Instructions to Contributors
which can be found in any copy of the Journal, or by visiting the
JNSM Web site.

Guest Editors:
     Prof. George Pavlou                           Dr. Masum Hasan
     (Contact for non-US submissions)              (Contact for US submissions)
     Center for Communication Systems Research     Cisco Systems
     Dept. of Electronic Engineering,              170 West Tasman Drive
     Univ. of Surrey, Guilford, Surrey GU2 5XH     San Jose, CA 95134-1706
     UK                                            USA
     Email: G.Pavlou@ee.surrey.ac.uk               Email: masum@cisco.com

     Manuscript due:             September 30, 2000
     Notification of acceptance: December 31, 2000
     Final manuscript due:       March 31, 2001

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