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Policy 2001 - Deadline for papers 31 July 2000

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Subject: Policy 2001 - Deadline for papers 31 July 2000
From: Morris Sloman <m.sloman@doc.ic.ac.uk>
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 12:39:00 +0100

Policy 2001:  Workshop on Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks

29-31 January 2001
Hosted by:  HP Laboratories, Bristol, UK
Technical Co-sponsored by IEEE ComSoc (not yet approved)

See: http://www-dse.doc.ic.ac.uk/events/policy-2001/ for the latest information

Policy based systems are the subject of a wide range of activities in
universities, standardisation bodies and within industry.  They have a
wide spectrum of applications ranging from quality of service management
within networks to security and enterprise modelling. This workshop will
provide a forum for discussion and collaboration between researchers,
developers and users of policy based systems. It will bring together the
various communities working on policy and follows on from the successful
informal Policy Workshop held in November 1999 (see

Within the Internet community there is considerable interest in Policy
Based Networking.  A number of companies have announced tools to support
the specification and deployment of policies. Much of this work is focused
on policies for quality of service management within networks and the
Internet Engineering and Distributed Management Task Forces (IETF/DMTF) is
actively working on standards related to this area (see
http://www-dse.doc.ic.ac.uk/research/policies for links).

The Security community has focused on the specification and analysis of
access control policy which has evolved into the work on Role-Based Access
Control (RBAC).  There has been work over a number of years in the
academic community on specification and analysis of policies for
Distributed Systems mostly concentrating on authorisation policies.
Although there are strong similarities in the concepts and techniques used
by the different communities there is no commonly accepted terminology or
notation for specifying policy.

Several research groups are looking at high-level aspects of policy
related to Enterprise Modelling.  An ISO Open Distributed Processing
working group is defining Policy and Role concepts within the Enterprise
Viewpoint. Enterprise goals or Service Level Agreements can be considered
as high-level abstract policies which must be progressively refined into
implementable policies. The work on the specification and analysis of
Business Rules is also relevant.

The common concept of policy, within all of the above communities, is that
polices define a set of rules governing choices in the behaviour of the
system.  The motivation is to be able to modify policy in order to change
system behaviour without having to re-implement the system, or restructure
the requirements specification.

Authors are invited to submit papers addressing but not limited to the
following topics:

  Abstractions and Notations for Policy Specification
  Security Policies and Role Based Access Control
  Management Policies
  Policy Based Networking
  Implementation Models and Techniques
  Services for Storing and Manipulating Policies
  Policy Support for Active Networks and Mobile Environments
  Application-Specific Policy Frameworks
  Policy Refinement
  Policy Analysis
  Business Rules
  Standardisation Activities
  Case Studies

The emphasis of the workshop will be on practical approaches to policy,
however, novel contributions are encouraged.

Workshop format
The workshop will include both invited papers and presentations on
accepted refereed papers which will be published (probably by IEEE Press)
in a proceedings. There will be substantial time allocated for discussions
as well as panel sessions.

Paper submissions must present original, unpublished research or
experiences. They should be full papers and be no longer than 10 pages
IEEE double column format. Submissions must include a cover page in ASCII
format, containing the title, author name(s) and affiliation(s), the
complete address (telephone, fax, email) of the corresponding author, and
an abstract (max 150 words) followed by up to 5 keywords.

Papers under review elsewhere must not be submitted to Policy 2000.

Authors are requested to submit papers in electronic PDF or Postscript
format. Instructions for electronic submissions will be available at the
following URL: http://www-dse.doc.ic.ac.uk/events/policy-2001/

      July 31, 2000:         Submission of Full Papers
      September 26, 2000:   Notifications of Acceptance
      October 26, 2000:     Camera-ready Papers Due Date
      January 29-31, 2001   Workshop

Local Arrangements
The workshop will be held at Hewlett-Packard's European research centre in
Bristol.  It is conveniently reached by road and rail (to Bristol Parkway
Station) from London and Heathrow Airport. It takes approximately 80
minutes by train from London, Paddington.  Directions and local
information can be found at the HP's web site: http://www-uk.hpl.hp.com

Hotel rooms will reserved at a local hotel.  Details and costs to be

Organising Committee

Conference Chair

Morris Sloman
Department of Computing, Imperial College
London SW7 2BZ, UK
Phone:  +44 20 7594  8279
Fax:  +44 20 7581 8024
email: m.sloman@doc.ic.ac.uk

Program Co-Chairs

Emil Lupu
Department of Computing, Imperial College
Phone:  +44 20 7594  8249
Fax:  +44 20 7581 8024
London SW7 2BZ, UK
email: e.c.lupu@doc.ic.ac.uk

Jorge Lobo
Bell Labs
600 Mountain Ave., 2c-219
Murray Hill, NJ 07974, USA
Voice: +1-908-582-1731
Fax:   +1-908-582-4092
Mail: jlobo@research.bell-labs.com

Program Committee

David Black, EMC, USA
Matt Blaze, AT&T, USA
Jan Chomicki, Monmouth University, USA
Naranker Dulay, Imperial College, UK
Ed Ellesson, Tivoli Systems, USA
Francisco Garcia, Agilent Laboratories, Scotland
Cheh Goh, HP Labs, Bristol, UK
Kohei Iseda, Fujitsu Laboratories, Japan
Peter Linington, University of Kent, UK
Hugh Mahon, HP, USA
Ian Marshall, BT Labs., UK
Zoran Milosevic, DSTC, Brisbane,  Australia
Naftaly Minksy, Rutgers University, USA
Jonathan Moffett, University of York, UK
Ken Moody, Cambridge University, UK
Ravi Sandhu, George Mason University, USA
Edgar Sibley, George Mason University, USA
John Strassner, Cisco, USA
Vijay Varadharajan, University of Western Sydney, Australia
Dinesh Verma, IBM, USA
Andrea Westerinen, Cisco, USA

Local Organisation:

Jan Ward
Events Co-ordinator
HP Labs, Bristol
Phone: +44  117 312 8032
Fax: +44  117 312 9364
email: jan@hplb.hpl.hp.com
**** Note new phone numbers

Professor Morris Sloman
Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine
Department of Computing
180 Queen's Gate
London SW7 2BZ, U.K.
Phone: +44 20 7594 8279    Fax: +44 20 7581 8024
Email: m.sloman@doc.ic.ac.uk

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