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RE: ARP cache retrieval?

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Subject: RE: ARP cache retrieval?
From: Sean Davidson <sean.davidson@mail.publix.com>
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 08:45:37 -0400
If it's a Cisco router running the appropriate IOS, you can use the SNMP
view command to
limit the router from forwarding his ARP cache. I had a similar problem on
one of my core routers.
Do to the way we route between two AS's, I've got a router with 34000 ARP
entries which take
appx 45 min for NetView to pull (NetView and router are on same 16MB TR).
CPU on the router
goes to 95 to 100% during that time.

Anways, here are the Cisco commands:

snmp-server view noarp iso included
snmp-server view noarp mib-2.3 excluded
snmp-server community public view noarp RO

The first line says to include everything. Second line says to exclude the
translation table (ARP). Third line actually applies that list.

Sean Davidson

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If you think demand poll takes to long or the Router CPU goes high during
polling - some Routers (Cisco) supports an SNMP option
that it will not send their arp cache via SNMP.

You might do that if you have finished your discovery.

Kr, Dietmar

Hi.  We are running Netview v6 on AIX.  We just did a test by doing a
test->demand poll on a couple of routers and watched as their CPU
went to the high 90's and sometimes 100%.  It appeared to be the worst
the "Getting ARP table data for discovery of secondary interfaces" phase
something close to that verbage).

Can we prevent this ARP cache dumping?  If we can, will it prevent
of new devices?

Also, where/how may I search the archives of this list?

Thanks for any help!

Craig Treptow
Principal Financial Group
I/S Network Administration
(515) 247-6207

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