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Re: Which daemons to stop for backup

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Subject: Re: Which daemons to stop for backup
From: lclark@us.ibm.com
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 11:06:14 -0400

You are right, you don't need to stop them all. Since you are only
backing up the databases, you don't need to stop trapd and friends.
If you stop ovwdb, these others will fall down as well:
 nvcold, netmon, ovtopmd, ems_log_agent, ems_sieve_agent, and snmpCollect.
That leaves everyone involved in event processing up and running.
After your backup, a single ovstart will get them all going again.

Now, I will go out on that limb and say that if you are trying to automate
this, and have maps open at the time, but are not doing any cut/paste,
I would just stop netmon, do the backup, and restart netmon. Restarting
the maps is too much trouble.  Support will be horrified, so every once in
a while you ought to do a nice through shutdown and make a backup
that will make them comfortable. But I take backups (and restore from
them) all the time with everything up and running.


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

"Bernard Disselborg" <BDISSELB@triple-p.nl>@tkg.com on 08/23/2000 10:21:19

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Environment: NV5.1.2 on AIX. Events are forwarded to TEC through nvserverd.

I know it is good practice to stop all daemons, before performing a backup
of the NetView databases.

My question is: is it necessary to stop *all* deamons to create a good

I would like to keep those daemons running, so that events/traps coming in
from the netwerk still can be forwarded to TEC during backup.

Any comments on this, is this possible ?

Thanks in advance,



Bernard Disselborg
Triple P Nederland bv - Enterprise Management
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