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Re: No Web Submaps

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Subject: Re: No Web Submaps
From: James_Shanks@tivoli.com
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 09:20:14 -0400

Yes, you did the right thing by ordering from swdist.   And yes, you can go
directly from 5.1.1 to 5.1.3.

James Shanks
Team Leader, Level 3 Support
 Tivoli NetView for UNIX and NT

"Les Dickert" <lesdickert@HOTMAIL.COM> on 08/23/2000 11:19:41 PM

Please respond to IBM NetView Discussion <nv-l@tkg.com>

To:   nv-l@tkg.com
cc:    (bcc: James Shanks/Tivoli Systems)
Subject:  Re: [NV-L] No Web Submaps

Thanks, I did see a serious looking fix in the
list of 5.1.3 fixes.  I have it ordered, will
wait till I get it and installed before pursuing
it any further.

I did have that map open on an X terminal at the time.

I'm a bit new to NetView admin and didn't find a
downloadable 5.1.3 on the support web site (my
company is registered), so I sent an email to
swdist@tivoli.com with all of the usual info,
including our customer number.  Is that still
the way to get updates?  One more thing, can
I go from 5.1.1 directly to 5.1.3 or do I need
to install 5.1.2 first.

Sorry for all of this ancient history, it's not
my making.


>From: James_Shanks@tivoli.com
>Reply-To: IBM NetView Discussion <nv-l@tkg.com>
>To: IBM NetView Discussion <nv-l@tkg.com>
>Subject: Re: [NV-L] No Web Submaps
>Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 17:49:09 -0400
>You will find this a whole lot easier to do if you get 5.1.3 and install
>instead of trying to play around with old code.
>There were serious fixes to the web client in 5.1.2 and 5.1.3
>I think that will fix your problem but if it doesn't you can call Support
>get some real help.  Not much they can do if you stay where you are though.
>You didn't mention what map you had up on the server when you did this.
>The web
>client does not depend on a map called default, but rather on the one you
>open on the server at the time you connect.  You need that one up and open
>James Shanks
>Team Leader, Level 3 Support
>  Tivoli NetView for UNIX and NT
>lesdickert@nsimail.com on 08/23/2000 04:22:06 PM
>Please respond to IBM NetView Discussion <nv-l@tkg.com>
>To:   nv-l@tkg.com
>cc:    (bcc: James Shanks/Tivoli Systems)
>Subject:  [NV-L] No Web Submaps
>Running NetView 5.1.1 on AIX, and when
>I access it with a web browser, everything
>seems to work OK (events, diagnostics, mib
>browsing), but I cannot get a display of the
>submaps.  I just get a blank screen, and the
>only button down the right side that is clickable
>is HELP (which doesn't help in this case).
>I ran /usr/OV/web/httpd/cgi-bin/Install and
>chmod_web_ovw -a with no affect (that I could
>A funny thing is that at the top of the blank
>display is
>     default:Root
>Does this mean that it is trying to show the Root
>submap as a default, or that it is trying to show
>the map 'default', which does not exist on our system.
>We have one map called 'EnterpriseApps', a la
># ovmapdump -l
>MAP             PERMS  CREATION TIME              COMMENTS
>EnterpriseApps   R/W   Tue Aug 22 14:03:41 2000
>Any help would be appreciated, I can seem to find anything
>in any of the NetView manuals about setting up the web
>Oh, another thing:  The nvwebd process shows 'NOT RUNNING',
>but there are a bunch of NetViewWebServer UNIX processes
>running, and I can get a web response for almost everything.
>Why does ovstatus say it is NOT RUNNING.  Can't ovstart it
>manually either.  The 'ovsuf' entry look OK to me.
>Thanks for any help,
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