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Re: NetView 6.0 Discovery Problem

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Subject: Re: NetView 6.0 Discovery Problem
From: Alejandro_Mazo_Alvarez.BANCOLOMBIA@bancolombia.com.co
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 02:02:30 -0500
Ensure that ip  addresses are in DNS server. Verify that DNS solve the
router name and solve the ip address using the nslookup utility.

lesdickert@nsimail.com@tkg.com con fecha 18/09/2000 04:12:33 PM

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Running NetView 6.0 under AIX 4.3:

I have 3 main Cisco routers that are not being
discovered, which is new since converting to
NetView 6.0 from NetView 5.1.1.  Some things that
I know are:

1.  The routers are not in the object database
    (according to ovobjprint) after discovery
    settles down.

2.  For a brief few seconds, one of the routers
    (and maybe the others) is in the object database,
    but not after that.

3.  The router addresses are in the seedfile.

4.  I can snmpget and snmpwalk the routers using the
    addresses from the seedfile, verifying (I think)
    that the entries in ovsnmp.conf are correct.

5.  I can ping the routers.

6.  I have been doing nv6000_smit automapgen and ovtopofix -a
    many times to diagnose this problem.

7.  I turned on netmon -M 12 tracing, and it looks like the
    routers are returning SNMP data according to entries in

8.  Another nearby router that is similar in function gets
    discovered fine.

I saw a comment (by Leslie) on a previous posting about using the
Turbo form of the databases if routers have more than 20 interface,
however I can't find any reference to 'Turbo' databases in the NetView
for UNIX Installation and Configuration Version 6.0 manual.

Thanks for any help/suggestions, other than going back to Version 5.1.1!

Les Dickert
Network Solutions

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