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Re: Connection between routers

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Subject: Re: Connection between routers
From: "Leslie Clark" <lclark@us.ibm.com>
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2000 09:24:13 -0500
 Netview draws a bubble network between routers so that it can
connect many devices to the same subnet. For serial connections,
it draws a straight line network. This is controlled, since V5, by
/usr/OV/conf/C/if_to_sym. The intent, in providing this configuration file,
is to allow you to specify a different kind of bubble network depending
on the type of interface (frame relay, for instance). I have seen customers
try to eliminate the bubble networks altogether by telling Netview to use
 the straight line network for everything, and it causes a lot of
results. So what you want may be possible, but I strongly suggest
that you do not do it.

The Network-level submap will contain all routers on that subnet, plus
other devices such as hubs and bridges (anything in the oid_to_type
file with a flag of Hub or Bridge). It will also contain segments for each
interface type, and under the segments it will contain all other devices on
that subnet - printers, servers, non-snmp devices, devices of unknown
snmp type, etc.  The serial version (straight line) of the network submap
is intended for simple connections between just two devices.

If you force Netview to draw Serial networks for all network types, you
will be interfering with the architecture of the product at a very
level. This is a discovery package, not a drawing package, and Netview
is trying to tell you something about how your network is really

If the  map is too cluttered with all of these networks, you are
expected to cut and paste portions of the map into Location Icons.
This is what most people with more than a tiny network do. This is
covered in the Administrator's Guide, Chapter 3, Creating and Customizing
Submaps. After adding a location icon to the top level map, be sure
to use 'Edit...Cut..From THIS Submap' to move selected routers and
networks to the new submap in the Location icon. (Not 'All').


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking
(248) 552-4968 Voicemail, Fax, Pager

zuffranieri@IT.IBM.COM@tkg.com on 12/22/2000 09:07:05 AM

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Subject:  [NV-L] Connection between routers

I'd like to correct my previous append with the same subject.
The enviroment is: AIX 4.3.3 and NetView AIX 6.0.1.
I noticed  in the NetView submap a different representation of the
connection between 3 Cisco routers.
Here is how NetView represent the connections:

Router A         Router B
     |              |
     |          Network 10.229.252
              |                                     |
              |------- Router C  --------|-

I see that the NetView draw the conection (CDN)  between router A and C
as line  and the connection between the routers C and B  draw a network
10.229.252. It seems that there is not submask problem;  the  routers A and
C are connected through the Serial Interface and router B e C are connected
in different way.  Could someone help me to understand why NetView
reppresent  these two connections in this way ?.  Is there a way to change
it ? I don't want to have in the map the symbol of Network 10.229.152 .
Here is the information regarding the interfece discovered by NetView:

Router  B

"Loopback0 Up <None> Software
"Ethernet0/0  Up    0x0002FD82AA80
ethernet csmacd"
"Serial0/0.20  Up   <None> Frame
"Dialer1     Down       <None>Point to
Point (ppp)"

Router C

"Loopback0  Up <None> Software
Loopback   "
"FastEthernet0/0 Up  x0003E45BA400  ethernet
csmacd     "
"FastEthernet1/0      Up
0x0003E45BA41C  ethernet csmacd     "
"ATM4/0.101-aal5    Up   <None>
"AAL5 over ATM       "
"ATM4/0.100-aal5   Up  <None>
AAL5 over ATM       "
"Serial2/0:0  Up       <None>
point to point serial"

Router A

"Serial0/0  Up <None>  point to point
"Dialer1    Down     <None>          Point to
Point (ppp)"
"Ethernet0/0 Up   0x0003E34251E0  ethernet
csmacd  "
"Loopback0  Up <None>          Software
Loopback   "


Fabio Zuffranieri
IBM Global Services-ITS
Via Sciangai 53-Rome 00144-ITALY

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