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RE: How do I page out Cisco environmental alerts?

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Subject: RE: How do I page out Cisco environmental alerts?
From: "Kevin J Lee" <kevinl@iormyx.com>
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 11:32:16 -0400
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You can either load the CISCO-ENVMON-MIB and collect temperature data
using NetView, or configure the Cisco device to send you environmental
alarms in the form of SNMP Traps to NetView.  Data collection using
NetView puts unnecesary load on the network, so configuring Cisco Device
to send trap is much cleaner and efficient, unless you wanted to trend
the temperature data.

To configure your cisco device, use the command:

  snmp-server enable traps envmon temperature


Kevin Lee
NCC, HPOV, BMC Certified Consultant.

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From:   Gebhart, Tom (CC-MIS Tech Systems)
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Subject:        [NV-L] How do I page out Cisco environmental alerts?
We have NetView 5.1.3 on AIX 4.3.2.

I need to receive environmental alerts from Cisco 7206 devices in our
network.  We get power on reset alerts "after the fact" on other Cisco
devices in our WAN but we would like to be "fore warned" on over heat
problems and the like within the core.  We have the SNMP configured in
routers.  What else do I have to do?  Where can I read up on how to do
Thanks in advance.  You've been a big help in the past, Tom G.

       Tom Gebhart
        ConAgra Foods
Senior Systems Administrator
        (402) 577-3677

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