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RE: Discovering Non-IP Interfaces

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Subject: RE: Discovering Non-IP Interfaces
From: BAUDOUX BERNARD <bernard.baudoux@fortisbank.com>
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 14:07:04 +0200

with NetView 6.0.1, you can tell netmon to use SNMP to check the status of
an interface instead of using ping.
You define the node in your seed file with '$' as a prefix, eg $
When netmon polls the node, it will use ifAdmin and ifOperStatus
to get the real status of its interfaces.

Bernard Baudoux
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> Subject:      [NV-L] Discovering Non-IP Interfaces
> Hello,
> i'm running netview 6.0.1 on AIX 4.3.3 and i have some specific devices
> in my network (Paradyne DSL) that i want to check the status of their
> interfaces.
> These devices have only Ethernet IP Address (an Ethernet Interface) but
> they also have interfaces that they are not being discovered by netview
> because they don't have an ip address.
> What do i have to do to check these interfaces? (at the other end of the
> interfaces i have my customers vpns, in other words these devices are
> bridg devices and they aren't pingable). The only way to get the status
> is to check ifAdmin & ifOper status....
> How can i configure this within Netview?
> Thank you in advance.
> Dimitris Leventidis << File: Card for Dimitris Leventidis >> 

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