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Problems with installing NV6.0.2 and configuring TEC logfile adapter

To: nv-l@lists.tivoli.com
Subject: Problems with installing NV6.0.2 and configuring TEC logfile adapter
From: Ken Garst <Ken.Garst@kp.org>
Date: 22 Jun 2001 10:46:10 -0700
Ok, i give up.  HELP. (environment:  NV6.0, AIX4.3.3, TMF3.6.2)

First:  Taking to heart Mr. Shanks admonition to upgrade NetView from 6.0 to 
6.0.2, i tried it with the following result:

(1)  somehow the /usr/OV/bin/pmd executable is missing after the patch is 
installed.  (I fixed it by restoring the previous version.  This was noticed 
when I tried running the ovstart command after completing the patch install.)

(2)  netmon would not start.  ( I fixed it by restoring the NV6.0 version, 29 
Dec 3430683 size, compared to the NV6.0.2 version, 22 Jan 3488499 size.)

Things "appear" to be now working normally.  Any clues on ramifications of 
these 'fixes' ?

Second:  I tried configuring the TEC logfile adapter to send "node up/node 
down" traps to the TEC.  Everything worked on the NetView side but on the TEC 

(1)  i ran the wimprbclass nvserverd.baroc <using my rulebase> which failed 
because TMF3.6.2 doesn't like the 2nd line saying "category: OVCategoryE;".
( i fixed this by deleting this line from the nvserverd.baroc file and it 
imported ok.)

(2)  i ran wimprbrules nvserverd.rls <using my rulebase> which had multiple 
failures on every event filter in the nvserverd.rls.  How's come?

Anybody know what's up, what's wrong, what's the fix, what's happenin'?


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