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RE: ovspmd not registered

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Subject: RE: ovspmd not registered
From: "Stephen Hochstetler" <shochste@us.ibm.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2001 10:11:44 -0500

There are multiple daemons that start, which are dependent on each other.
Some of them have to initialize before others start initalizing.    Without
more information about what else is running on your box, how big is your NV
database, your swap space, do you have every resource in a close
DNS.......it is impossible to comment on the startup speed.

I can say this.

    - if you have a medium to large NetView, you should run
"/usr/OV/service/nvTurboDatabase speed".   Please read about the command
and also have a system backup before you do this.   It will probably help
ovwdb to start faster and reduce its memory requirements.

 - if you have a large /etc/hosts file or many nodes not in DNS, this will
cause netmon and snmpcollect to start slowly.

- if you are using an SQL database directly instead of using NetView's flat
file databases, this will slow down NetView's start.

- make sure you have enough memory in the machine so it does not page when
NetView starts.

- After running the nvTurboDatabase and you find the database files to be
greater than 200MB, then taking the /usr/OV/databases and stripping that
file system over multiple drives will enhance the performance on AIX and
Solaris boxes.

Stephen Hochstetler            shochste@us.ibm.com
ITSO Tivoli Coordinator - Austin
Office - 512-436-8564       FAX - 512-436-1991

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