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RE: A better mousetrap?

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Subject: RE: A better mousetrap?
From: "Davis, Donald" <donald.davis@firstcitizens.com>
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 16:41:11 -0500
Try this from the command line.

ovobjprint | awk '/Selection Name/{NAME=$4}/SNMP ifType.*Frame.*/{print

It is a single pass through the database with NO nvdbformat, nvdbimport or
Don Davis

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From: Westphal, Raymond [mailto:RWestphal@erac.com]
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Subject: [NV-L] A better mousetrap?

Hello Everyone.

AIX with NetView 6.0.2 and native NetView database.

I'm trying to create a simple http screen which contains a list of marginal
and critical frame relay routers. 

I'm not worried about the http output creation as much as the NetView
database search. The job has to run quickly. 
Eventually there will be 4,000+ routers. So far it takes 3 steps.

cron job runs several times a day to update a list of frame relay routers
1)      run an nvdbformat command to find all objects with SNMP ifType~Frame
2)      run nvdbimport command to set object attribute isFrameRelay=True

cron job runs every 5 minutes
3)      nvUtil e "('isFrameRelay'=True) && ('IP Status'=Marginal)" "%IP
Hostname%" > marginal.file
        nvUtil e "('isFrameRelay'=True) && ('IP Status'=Critical)" "%IP
Hostname%" > critical.file

Is there a better way to find the answer?

Ray Westphal
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
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