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Re: snmp-server trap-source loopback0

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Subject: Re: snmp-server trap-source loopback0
From: donald.turrentine@amsouth.com
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 13:27:14 -0600

I have a very similar environment setup with Cisco routers and very large
Frame Relay network.  I just configured the routers with the IP address of
the netview server and enabled frame-relay traps.  The router will use
whatever interface it has as its primary route back to the server.  In my
situation I have a single serial interface with two PVCs, each with a
different CIR.  We are using OSPF and weight the higher CIR PVC so that it
is the primary leg.  It works like a charm.  Be sure to load the
frame-relay mib and format your traps.  BTW we are monitoring the router
using loopback addresses as well (lo0).  Our frame is IP unnumbered.


Don Turrentine
AmSouth Bank

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Hello Everyone.

NV 6.0.2 for Unix on AIX

I know in the past there have been discussions about setting the
on the routers. I could not locate the messages in the Archives.

I have frame relay routers that will soon be converted to new pvcs. There
will be a primary and secondary pvc to each router. If we do not set the
trap-source at all will the trap be sent or forwarded on the working serial
interface if the primary pvc goes down?

We want to avoid a lot of DNS work by adding all the loopback addresses.
we also want to avoid configuring all the routers.

Can someone please send the arguments for setting the trap-source, please?

Thanks very much.

Happy Holidays
Ray Westphal
Enterprise Rent-A-Car.
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