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[nv-l] Problems in CW2000 Integration

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Subject: [nv-l] Problems in CW2000 Integration
From: Kottos Kostas <K.Kottos@asyk.ase.gr>
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 11:28:35 +0300
Cc: Vergakis Costas <C.Vergakis@asyk.ase.gr>

   We are having problems on integration of Netview with CW2000. Our
  environment is Solaris 2.7, Netview 7.1.1 and CW2000 RWAN  (CW2000
  4th Edition).
  Our problem is that the script nmic.sh (located in /opt/CSCOpx/bin) which
   performs the integration never ends. After the first steps it passes
   to the adapter (Netview71SolarisServer.jar) and the adapter seems to be
   running forever. 
   As a friend from the list suggested we checked /tmp/nmimintegration.log
   and the file ends at the phase of copying icons and devices to NMS. It
   stops when it tries to add device VPN Concentrator 3005 with no reason.
   Our LANG variable is set to en_US and as the friend suggested we changed
   it to C before running nmic.sh, but this did not produce any result
   We are having the same problems with Netview 6.0.3. Problems started with
   CW2000 4th Edition.
   Has anyone seen the same problem before? 

  Thank you,
  Kostas Kottos
  Athens Stock Exchange

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