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[nv-l] Problems in CW2000 Integration

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Subject: [nv-l] Problems in CW2000 Integration
From: Kottos Kostas <K.Kottos@asyk.ase.gr>
Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 16:55:21 +0300
Cc: Vergakis Costas <C.Vergakis@asyk.ase.gr>
Dear all,

   We are facing a problem on integration of CW2000 with Netview. Our
environment is
   Solaris 2.7 with Netview 7.1.1 and CW2000 RWAN edition  (CW2000 4th

  The problem we have is that the script /opt/CSCOpx/bin/nmic.sh which
starts the
 Integration Utility never ends. The Netview711SolarisServerAdapter.jar
 takes control and starts the integration process which according to the
 should last about 45 minutes. That said  the integration process never
stops (we left it
 for more than 4 hours without result).
   The same problem occurs with Netview 6.0.3 and began to appear after
  4th Edition. Is there a java problem to be resolved? We have already
applied the Java
  patch on CW2000 4th edition.
   Does anything similar occur to you? Could you please help?

  Yours sincerely,
  Kostas Kottos
  Athens Stock Exchange.

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