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[nv-l] nv.carriers and skytel

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Subject: [nv-l] nv.carriers and skytel
From: "Milburn, Shane B" <shane.b.milburn@intel.com>
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 22:26:52 -0700
We are moving to the Skytel 2way pagers with the 10 digit pin (i.e
877588xxxx). I'm trying to get netview to page using this but I'm having
some problems.

I have the following settings in my nv.carriers.

Carrier: skytel
        Modem phone #: 1-800-679-2778
        Numeric IDs accepted on modem line: N
        DTMF phone #: 1-800-759-7243
        Max. message length: 500
        Max. digits in alphanumeric pager #: 10
        Max. blocks/transaction: 1
        Max. transactions/call: 7
        Baud rate: 300                  <----(also tried 9600 for this
        Parity: E
        Data bits: 7
        Stop bits: 1
        Protocol: TAP

Then I issue the following command: nvpage 877588xxxx@skytel "test to shane"
But the page never makes it. If I send the same page to my metrocall page
from this system it works. So I know something is wrong with my nv.carriers
file but I'm not sure what. 

Anyone have any ideas? I've also attached my nvpager.alog file. The
nvpager.errlog is empty so I didn't attach it.

Any help would be appreciated. 

   <<nvpagerd.ZIP>>  <<nvpager.ZIP>> 
Shane B Milburn
Sr. Network Engineer & Unix/Network Domain Lead,
LTD Automation, Intel
Phone: 503.613.8501
Pager: 877-588-1327 or shane.b.milburn@skytel.com
Email: shane.b.milburn@intel.com

Attachment: nvpagerd.ZIP
Description: Binary data

Attachment: nvpager.ZIP
Description: Binary data

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