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[nv-l] HSRP and "strange" behavior

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Subject: [nv-l] HSRP and "strange" behavior
From: Michel.Grossenbacher@coop.ch
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 11:51:36 +0100
Hi together

AIX 4.3.3 ML 9 NetView 7.1.2

We got six 6509 Switches where always two build a pair. Four of them are nearly 
equaly equiped with the boards in it. All have HSRP configured on the VLANs we 
use. Now the strange thing is, that two VLANs on one pair always get marked 
Critical (means all Interfaces, normal ones + Virtual Interface) they also dont 
get discovered properly (no If Description, not the normal selection name and 
so on) but if I do an SNMPwalk over those two switches it seems normal. Now if 
I ping those Interfaces they get up and in the next poll cycle from NetView 
they get critical again, and so on.

I first thought they might be configured different to the other Interfaces but 
its not this, actualy they are configured the same (as much as possible this 
is). I also added the Virtual IP to the Seed with the % in front. No change 
after netmon -y. Im shortly before setting them on unmanaged. Maybe someone 
else got an idea about it.

All other HSRP VLANs (more then 30 I think) work properly just not those two 8(

Any help or hint would be appreciated



Michel Grossenbacher
Network Management Systems Verantwortlicher
Telefon: +41 61 336 57 68
Telefax: +41 61 336 57 57
Pikett Telekommunikation: +41 79 219 73 77

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