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Re: [nv-l] old classes with 7.1.3

To: William_W_List@bluecrossmn.com
Subject: Re: [nv-l] old classes with 7.1.3
From: John Bruer <ad572@yahoo.com>
Date: 15 Jul 2003 21:53:57 -0500
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William_W_List@bluecrossmn.com writes:

> I did a fresh install of 7.1.3 on a SuSE linux image on
> os/390.  But, I want to use the old class structure before
> TEC_ITS_BASE since my TEC is still on 3.6.  What do I have to do to
> get the old class Nvserverd_Event.  I created a tecint.conf with
> Pre37Server=YES.  What else do I have to do?  Thanks.

I ran into this same problem in a fresh install I did, and it's a
bummer.  If your Linux install is like the AIX install....  basically,
you've got two places things are goofy: tecint.conf and trapd.conf.

tecint.conf is relatively easy to fix--get rid of DefaultEventClass =
TEC_ITS_BASE for one.  Your Pre37Server is appropriate to your version
of TEC, but I think it may be unrelated to these classes.

Now the bad news.  You'll see that your /usr/OV/conf/C/trapd.conf is
probably rife with TEC_ITS_* references.  You can 
        grep TEC_ITS /usr/OV/conf/C/trapd.conf 
to see the ugliness. 

Now, if not much time has passed since you did the install, you can
your revert trapd.conf to a backup the installation routine saves.
/usr/OV/conf/C/trapd.conf gets copied to trapd.conf.bkup.BLAH where
BLAH is some random name durin the "upgrade" portion of a fresh 7.1.3
installation.  When the installation routine sees no prexisting
NetView configuration on the box, the "upgrade" happens without your
knowledge--the installer runs tecits_upgrade on its own.

If that doesn't work for you, the only option you're left with is
either to abandon any/all use of the internal TEC adapater by adding
Command for Automatic Action and specifying postemsg calls for all
traps you care to trigger TEC events (ugly) or.... (even uglier) dig
into /usr/OV/newconfig/OVSNMP-RUN/trapd.conf, and by hand modify your
active trapd.conf file entry by entry to get back to the
Nvserverd_Event class...which is neither pretty nor anything anyone
would be willing to support because one text editing error may leave
you with a netview that won't start.  Copious backups of your
trapd.conf would definitely be in order.

Another option would be to take another NetView trapd.conf
configuration you have somewhere that you like, and have that in place
on your machine in /usr/OV/conf/C and redo the fresh install.  You
might need to play around a bit to see how much needs to be there to
prevent a fresh install from overwriting your trapd.conf file rather
than quietly preserving it with the old TEC event class references.

Or, you can weigh the fun of all this against what it would take to
implement the new TEC_ITS event classes on your TEC and enjoy the
benefits of the enhanced integration brought by all these.  

Good luck! 

Best Regards, 

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