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[nv-l] Install NV7.1.3 on Framework 4.1

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Subject: [nv-l] Install NV7.1.3 on Framework 4.1
From: igastelu@unm.edu
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 13:15:41 -0600
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  Hi, I am setting a test environment for NV 7.1.3 on a windows 2000 
server.  The NV has to be installed over Framework, because in the 
future there is the desire to use other Tivoli products.
  My original idea was to install the Framework and then the Tivoli 
desktop for Windows and from the desktop to install NV (does it makes 
  The thing is that I installed the framework, everything went through 
fine. Then I Installed the Desktop, OK.  Then I ran the desktop, I 
logged into my machine, but from the desktop I did not find a way to 
install NV.  
  Is that the way to do it?
  Later I installed NV with the setup that it brings, I said typical, 
I selected to install the adapter (I think for the Tivoli Console) 
with Framework option.  Everything went OK, I saw discovered all the 
host on my LAN segment.
  Is NV aware of the existence of the FRW?  If instead of flat files I 
want to use an SQL server(in another host) for the database?
  I am new to all this, even though I have read the instalations and 
releases for FR4.1 and NV 7.1 I am confused.  Any help will be really 

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