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Re: [nv-l] Permanently Ignore Interface?

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] Permanently Ignore Interface?
From: Paul <pstroud@bellsouth.net>
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2005 13:43:58 -0400
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It should actually have no material effect on anything. Once the
interface is unmanaged it will no longer be used in the status of
the device. The interface will probably also never move to another
one of the devices, it should stay on the device where it is discovered.

As far as I know you have nothing to worry about, we have been using
this as a resolution for known duplicate interfaces for sometime and I
have never had a complaint about it.

Im sure if I am incorrect somebody will happily correct me;-)


Duppong, Jason wrote:

Thanks for the explanation, that helps a lot.  If I configure the interfaces
as HSRP, even though they are not related, does Netview treat the node any
differently (or other interfaces on that node)?  These happen to be critical
nodes so I want to make sure I don't affect something else by setting it up
this way.


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A device, once unmanaged, will stay unmanaged.

That being said, there is one thing I can think of that will cause the
device to become managed again. The most common is that the interface is a
duplicate ip address of an interface on another device. You actually have it
figured out, you just dont know why;-) What happens is when the other device
is configuration polled, it removes the interface from the first device and
adds it to this device.
Then when the first device is configuration polled, it gets removed from the
other device and added back to the first one, except now its managed. Any
time a new interface is added to a device, it is managed(unless otherwise
configured in the snmp configuration).
So it looks like the interface simply remanages itself, but actually that is
not the case, it is removed, readded and managed because it is newly
discovered. SOOOO, now you what can you do.....well, you can find the other
device and reconfigure it. You should actually be able to find in your
trapd.log which other device the interface in configured on, you should see
a interface deleted on the other device and then an interface added on the
first one. It sounds complicated, but we see it alot. Now, if you know this
interface is duplicated somewhere else for some reason in your environment,
you can simply define the interface as HSRP in the seedfile(%) and then run
"netmon -y". This will cause netmon to reread the seedfile and set the
interface as an HSRP interface, then you can unmanage it safely and it
should not return(at this point you can also hide it).

Hope that helps,

Duppong, Jason wrote:

Hello List,
I think I know the answer to this already, but I wanted to bounce it off the list anyways. Is it possible to have Netview permanently ignore an interface or interfaces on a node? I know I can unmanage interfaces, but the problem we have is interfaces that are already unmanaged somehow get managed again when something happens to that node (I'm thinking a configuration scan). I've been able to narrow the problem down to a handful of nodes whose interfaces are on the same subnet even though the nodes are completely unrelated. A couple other cases involve nodes with duplicate IP addresses even though the nodes are unrelated. As much as I would like to, I'm unable to "fix" these problems due to the nature of these nodes. A search through the archives has not turned up anything that helpful, so I'm hoping someone might have a better solution then what I'm currently doing or planning. Currently I have a cron job that unmanages the interfaces in question. I'm thinking about writing a script that would collect the MAC addresses on the problem interfaces and use the list in our alerting infrastructure to drop any alert from these interfaces, but since we don't really care about these interfaces at all, the ideal solution would
be to configure Netview so it simply ignores everything about the interface.
Thanks for any help in advance!

Jason Duppong
Senior Systems Engineer
Thomson Legal and Regulatory Technical Services

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