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Re: [nv-l] NV quicktest -F not sending "N Node UP" event

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] NV quicktest -F not sending "N Node UP" event
From: Francois Le Hir <flehir@ca.ibm.com>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 08:30:00 -0400
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My understanding is that it has always been working like that. In fact, I
complained about it several times. If you look on www.nv-l.org in the
enhancement requests, you will see something I wrote one year ago.

If there is a change of status (because of the quicktest) then the node
event will be sent. However if there is no change of status (ie the node
was up and is still up) then the node event will never be sent. Only the
interface events are sent.
I was hoping to use this to "refresh" the status of a node when there is an
inconsistency ( for example all the interfaces are green but the node is
yellow... I don't know about you but I see that type of problem from time
to time, especially if itsl2 is installed) but as the node event is not
sent, it doesn't solve the issue. (most of the time the solution is to
unmanage and manage the node).
This function would of course also be very useful as part of some
correlation with a netview ruleset or with tec.

Salutations, / Regards,

Francois Le Hir
Network Projects & Consulting Services
IBM Global Services
Phone: (514) 964 2145

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quickest -F is not sending a status event for a node under NV 7.1.4 Fixpack
02 on AIX.  I call a script (and use an inline action) in several rulesets
that performs a quicktest -F nodename.  In 7.1.1 I would get an event like
"N Node Up" when the node was really up instead of down.  In 7.1.4 I get
status events for each of the interfaces but do not receive anything for
the the node even though it is up.  I believe this is causing my rulesets
that include a "Reset on Match" to fail.

Anyone have a suggestion as to where to look?  The availability files are
being written.

Don Turrentine
AmSouth Bank
P.O. Box 11007
Birmingham, AL 35288
(205) 261-6351

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