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RE: [nv-l] Threshold Levels

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Subject: RE: [nv-l] Threshold Levels
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Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 14:42:26 +0500
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Thats what i thouhgt it was suppose to be easy but i just was not able to figure it out, any way i am using NetView 7.1.4 on WINDOWS ill follow your steps to accomplish this. Thanks for the response! :)


"Colin Mulkerrins" <Colin.Mulkerrins@anpost.ie>
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04-05-05 03:57 PM
Please respond to

RE: [nv-l] Threshold Levels

Are you running NetView on AIX? My suggestions may be redundant if you are not, but you could try anyway
You need to use interface instance numbers to collect the required data.  
For example the collection for ifBitsin runs an snmpget on the following mib (and multiplies the answer by 8)
(Translates to... iso.org.dod.internet.mgmt.mib-2.interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifInOctets.)
To collect the data an instance number must be appended to the end of the mib.  The instance number can be obtained from .iso.org.dod.internet.mgmt.mib-2.interfaces. (I use the mib browser to get this data)
e.g. if you want to collect data for a serial interface, you must first get the instance number for that interface (see above) and add that to the end of the mib... so if the instance number for the serial interface is 5 you would be looking for the following
You can test this from the command line using snmpget
snmpget -c <community name> <router name>
When you want to collect the data using the MIB Data collection you need to add the required instance numbers in the collection details window (Instances From List) (multiple comma seperated instances can be entered)
or select All Instances if you want to collect data from all interfaces on the router.
Apologies if this is too basic or not what you wanted...
Colin M.
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[nv-l] Threshold Levels


I am using NetView 7.1.4 with FP3 installed, i need to configure Threshold levels on certain interfaces of our core router(Cisco3745), can any help me out in this regard, i also want to generate traps against those thresholds.I tried using SNMP Collector but was not able to figure it out it just doesn't collect data for what ever _expression_ i define? e.g IfBitsin etc.



Usman Taokeer
Associate Network Architect

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