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Re: [nv-l] Hardware sizing tivoli solution

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] Hardware sizing tivoli solution
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Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 23:26:56 -0400
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Fabian, that is a hard question to answer because it all depends on how much those products will be asked to do. For the Netview alone, sizing is a big question and it depends on how large the network is, and whether the devices will be sending a lot of traps, and how many users there are. There are guidelines for sizing a Netview server in the installation guide and in the release note for V7.1.4 for various general sizes of networks.

Whether to run several Tivoli products on the same box is another question. Most people run Netview on its own box. Partly this is because of capacity, and partly this is because different products have different availability requirements, or belong to different groups in the company. People do combine several products when they are doing a proof-of-concept, or for a demo, or a sandbox, or for development purposes. They also do it when they have very large servers available, or when the customer enterprise is small. Everything is relative!

The other products you mention should also specify their sizing recommendations in their release notes. I am not qualified to address them. Others here may have experience with them. If you have not already done so, you might ask your question on the Tivoli listserver, where the experts on those other products hang out (though all of the Netview experts hang out here:).  

Anybody else? And can someone point Fabian to that listserver, just in case?


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05/18/2005 06:55 PM
Please respond to

[nv-l] Hardware sizing tivoli solution

Hi,If possible i want to know

1. if I can install de TEC, Netview, TAM, TMonitoring,
TMF in a same aix box.

2. What is the order of install

3. What is the hardware recomended.

Sorry for my bad english

Fabian Gonzalez

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