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RE: [nv-l] Failed ping stays green

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Agreed, the two boxes are out of sync with regard to polling.  I was under the impression that when pinging a device from netview in which this device is known to be down, netview would make a status change to that node.  I'm sure I've seen this.  But, if I'm understanding you correctly, you're saying that it would require a demand poll and not a ping to simulate the scheduled polling action and thus invoke a status change to the node?  Analysis of my problem has ended as the node came back up on the network.  I have since removed and readded it to netview.
Thank you much for your input.

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In the past when a particular interface is green on one server, and red on another, it is due to the timing of the polling intervals. Pinging a down device will not get NetView that it is down. If your polling is 5 minute cycles, then within 5 minutes both of your servers should agree. To speed that up, you can go to the server with the green icon and do a NetView demand poll that just checks status of all the interfaces on that device. You should then see the interface icon go red if it is unavailable.

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