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Thanks a lot for the information. I have changed the flag of the device in the oid_to_type from gateway to switch then rediscovering the switch it has been also discovered as a router but the port view of the web console is now active ( I think this changes the value of isHUB field in the object DB to true ). The port view contains info about VLAN1 only. As I understood from Leslie's reply this is because FP1 does not support Community String Indexing. I would like to know is there any negative effect of changing the flags of the oid_to_type?
Best Regards
Alaa Farrag
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Subject: Re: [nv-l] managing Layer 3 switches

If it is running in hybrid mode, Netview will see it as two different devices because it has two different snmp agents. In that case, the layer2 part should be supported as a switch by ITSA. When it is running in native mode, it is a single layer3 switch. Switch Analyzer 1.2.1 would disregard them altogether as being routers. Their connections are recognized as plugged in things, the same as a server, but their layer2 capabilities are ignored.

In ITSA 1.3, while this behavior has not changed, there is new functionality that allows you to explicitly monitor certain ports, regardless of whether anything is plugged into them. This is new. A side benefit of this functionality is that you can specify ports on layer3 switches to be monitored in this way.

It is a known requirement for ITSA to handle the layer2 aspects of layer3 switches.

The Switch application on the Netview web console is not related to ITSA, however. If it is grayed out, it must be that the object in the Netview database does not meet the criteria for that application. I'm not sure what the criteria is, but I would look to see if it's object info includes isHUB as True (since Netview does not have an isSwitch field). In FP2, that appl was updated to support Community String Indexing, so it handles multiple vlans nicely.  Does anybody know what the real criteria is for the Switch application? It is not mentioned in the web manual.


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[nv-l] managing Layer 3 switches

Hi all,
We want to view the layer 2 info of a L3 switch (catalyst 6500). it is discovered by Netview as a router and the switch management menu components are disabled. I would like to know is this supported by netview and switch analyzer and how it can be configured?
NV 7.1.4 FP1 over AIX
Switch analyzer 1.2.1
Best regards,
Alaa Farrag
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