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From: "Kumar Vanka" <kvanka@invenioinc.com>
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 20:47:51 -0400
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I'm using ICMP for status polling in our environment. However, due to several factors, we're getting many false positives. One of these factors is that ICMP has a low priority in our environment. Is it possible to configure netmon so that if the ICMP status poll shows that a node is down, it can then do a demand poll using SNMP?
Based on my research, it appears this is not possible. So, I'm considering modifying my ruleset to  use an inline action to run nmdemandpoll. Is this a good option? Or, are there other options that I'm not considering?
- Kumar Vanka
ESM Architect
Invenio, Inc.
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