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The TEC 3.9 exam has virtually no NetView questions in it. I took the TEC 3.9 test in December. At least the selection of questions that I got, had fewer questions to do with NetView than previous versions of the TEC test that I have taken.

I'm sorry, but my perception is that "No - IBM is NOT considering NetView at all". I raised this question with IBM in February this year and the answer I got from the Certification Manager was:

"We do not offer a NetView exam or certification any longer. Our last attempt had to be rebranded for marketing reasons as "IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console V3.8 - Network Management" and met with a dismal reception so when we updated the exams to the V3.9 version we did not include the NetView half of the ITEC product. "


usman.taokeer@s-iii.com wrote:

Since Netview is now a part of TEC so you have to take exam for TEC which is 'Test 594'.

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        RE: [nv-l] Netview Certification


Is IBM not considering Netview at all ??????
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After retiring the exam : IBM Certified Deployment Professional - Tivoli Enterprise Console V3.8 Network Management on July
Is there nay IBM Tivoli certification for Tivoli NetView now?
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